Ian Woosnam hasn't retired from the Masters after all

Ian Woosnam hasn’t retired from the Masters after all

After he missed the cut at the 2016 Masters, 1991 champion Ian Woosnam said he was retiring from competition at Augusta National Golf Club.

And he has apparently changed his mind on that.

The 58-year-old new inductee to the World Golf Hall of Fame said he will continue to play in the Masters, buoyed by the righting of the injustice that was keeping him out of golf's Hall.

"This has given me a bit more enthusiasm to play," Woosnam said, according to the BBC. "I'm going to play for another couple of years at least.

"As long as I don't embarrass myself too much and the other players I'm going to have another couple of goes."

Well, OK then. A lifetime -- more or less -- exemption to the Masters is what a winner gets, so good on Woosnam for choosing to use it. You know you would.