PREVIEW: TaylorMade Golf TP Collection putters
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PREVIEW: TaylorMade Golf TP Collection putters

TaylorMade Golf is looking to take its putter offerings up to a new level with its new TP (Tour Preferred) Collection of six putter models, four of which will come out in 2016.

The TP Collection utilizes new materials and milling techniques for the company, and the putters include a new Pure Roll insert to get the ball moving on the greens with topspin sooner.

The Pure Roll insert sports 45-degree grooves in a softer polymer to reduce skidding across different grass types and lengths. The insert is built to encourage interaction with the ball and the grooves regardless of the length of putt.

The six models are named after golf destinations and historic courses or areas near them.

The Juno and Soto models are classic blade putters with heel-toe weighting. The Juno has longer, squared-off contours with a single sightline on top. The pads also have fine linear machine lines. The Soto has short, rounded edges with a single sightline in the back cavity. Both models have the expected plumber’s neck hosel, while the Soto hosel is scalloped to reduce some of the weight. Each putter has two 10-gram movable weights in the sole for swing weight customization.

The Mullen and Berwick models are the classic mallet shapes. The Mullen is more compact with two sightlines on the back cavity and a short S-hosel to create 38 degrees of toe hang. The Berwick, which is face-balanced, is larger with a more rounded shape, with a thicker topline and single sightline on the back cavity, as well a single-bend with an offset of three-quarter shaft. Each model features two, 5-gram movable weights in the sole for swing weight customization.

The Ardmore and Chaska models are mid-sized mallets that will come in 2017. The Ardmore, which is a cast putter coming in at 355 grams, has deep cavity with dual sightlines. The double-bend shaft has a three-quarter shaft offset and is face balanced with 3.5 degrees loft. The Chaska, also with a three-quarter shaft offset and face-balanced, borrows from the TaylorMade Corza Ghost design, including the circular alignment aid in the back of the putter and three top sightlines on top.

The Juno, Soto, Mullen and Berwick models will be available Dec. 1. Each putter comes with a Lamkin Sink Rubber grip for $199, or comes with a Super Stroke 1.0 GT Pistol grip for $219.

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