WATCH: Idiot robber pries open golf ball dispenser, thinking there's money in it
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WATCH: Idiot robber pries open golf ball dispenser, thinking there’s money in it

You've been to the driving range enough times to become resigned to the fact that you need a stupid token to put in a ball dispenser so you can fill your own bucket.

I mean, really, why is there even a cashier? You can just do it yourself. But I digress. Turns out, there's a legitimate reason why you're handed tokens instead of putting cash right in the machine itself.

A robber showed up at about 5 a.m. on Sept. 3 to Mountain Branch Golf Course in Joppa, Md., looking for some cash, apparently. So, the robber got the bright idea to go in one of the club's buildings with a screwdriver and try to pry open the ball dispenser, thinking that there'd be a bunch of cash in it just like any ordinary vending machine.

Nope. Just balls. Lots of balls. And worthless tokens.

The look of frustration and disappointment in the robber's body language when he realized that there were only balls and tokens in the ball dispenser is great. Then the guy leaves.

At least the robber was smart enough to wear a mask.

Anyway, if you know who this moron is, let Harford County Police know. It could land you a $2,000 reward, good enough for a lot of tokens on the range.

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