Rickie Fowler has a new Olympic logo tattoo

Rickie Fowler has a new Olympic rings tattoo

Rickie Fowler has a new tattoo, and it's in commemoration of his Olympic experience.

Fowler, who represented the United States in the 2016 men's Olympic golf tournament, got a tattoo of the Olympic rings on his right forearm, sharing it on social media. The world No. 9 got the tattoo along with fellow Olympian, diver Sam Dorman. Dorman and his partner Michael Hixon won the silver in Rio in the synchronized 3-meter springboard diving event.

This is just the latest tat for Fowler, who has two others known publicly. He has a tattoo in memory of his late swing coach Barry McDonnell, as well a block G near his left elbow in honor of Georgia Veach, daughter of Chad Veach, pastor of The City Church in Seattle, and his wife Julia.