Retired fire marshal held golf club thief at gunpoint in Golf Galaxy parking lot
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Retired fire marshal held golf club thief at gunpoint in Golf Galaxy parking lot

What would you do if you saw someone walking by you with the clubs you were certain had been stolen from you?

There's a good chance you wouldn't draw a gun on the person, like a retired fire marshal did in Oklahoma.

Donald Acree was in the parking lot of a Tulsa-area Golf Galaxy store, when he saw a young man walking across the parking lot with clubs that Acree identified as ones that were stolen from him earlier in the day at LaFortune Park Golf Course. Acree, 59, confronted the man with the clubs, ultimately drawing his gun on the suspected thief and forcing him to the ground under threat of shooting him.

"I'm gonna kill you," Acree told the suspect, if the suspect didn't get on the ground.

Several store patrons that were in the parking lot came up to the situation, asking Acree to calm down and refrain from shooting the suspect.

“I didn’t do anything,” the suspect, later identified as 24-year-old Devon Montgomery, said.

"Those are my clubs right there, mother f****er," Acree said.

In a 2-minute, 46-second video posted to YouTube by a filming customer, Acree, who identifies himself as a police officer before clarifying that he's retired, can be seen kicking Montgomery in the head with what appears to be golf spikes.

“F*** you. I’m suing you,” Montgomery said from the ground.

Acree said in the video that surveillance footage at the club caught the theft of his clubs. A man enters the shot, explaining that he was contacted about the clubs and was going to buy them. Acree then explains the bag has his name on it and details the equipment in the bag.

Ultimately, Tulsa police arrested Montgomery, charging him with grand larceny for the theft of the golf clubs before releasing him on $1,000 bond. Montgomery told police on the scene that he had taken the clubs, but then refused to say more. On Aug. 2, according to the Tulsa World, Montgomery was formally charged with grand larceny for the theft of approximately $3,800 of Acree's equipment and personal belongings.

Via Golfweek Magazine via Tulsa World

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