PREVIEW: Ping Vault putters

PREVIEW: Ping Vault putters

A lot of golf tournaments have been won with Ping putters -- some 2,800.

And for every one of those tournaments, Ping has made a gold-plated version of the winning putter to its exact specs, with the winner getting one and another going in the company's vault.

Now, in a limited run, Ping has drawn upon that success to release the Vault line of putters. There are four models in the lineup, including two blades (Anser 2 and Voss) and two mallets (Oslo and Bergen).

The blade models come in two finishes -- platinum and slate -- and they're made from forged 303 stainless steel, done to ensure high-quality manufacturing and to create a unique look and feel.

We're all familiar with the Anser and Anser 2 models, but the Voss style is a small deviation from that classic style. The Voss has a sloped heel-toe design with a smaller ball-width cavity in a 350-gram package (same weight as the Anser 2 model).

Ping's True Roll face-milling pattern is on both of these models, slightly updated with variable depth across the face to help distance control and reliability no matter where a putt is struck on the face.


The Oslo and Bergen mallet models are milled from 6061 T-6 aluminum, and they each have a sole weight that moves the center of gravity lower to improve moment of inertia.

These putters, both weighing 365 grams, also come in platinum and slate finishes with a double-bend shaft.

The Oslo is a traditional mallet shape with a smaller footprint with a more traditional sightline in the recessed portion of the flange.


The Bergen, meanwhile, has a raised ball-width alignment aid that runs the length of the head, on top of the crown.

The four Ping Vault putters will be available Aug. 25 in limited quantities for $325 each.