What is the 2016 Olympics golf playoff format?
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What is the 2016 Olympics golf playoff format?

In the event of a tie for first, second and/or third place at the 2016 Olympics golf tournaments, those medals will be settled via sudden-death playoff.

For example, if two players are tied for first place after 72 holes, those players will square off in the sudden-death playoff until the winner is decided, earning the gold medal, and the loser getting the silver. Then, if there were a tie for third place, another playoff would be completed to decide who wins the bronze medal.

If three or more players were tied for first place after 72 holes, then the playoff would continue until there is a gold, silver and bronze medal decided among the participants.

If there are three or more players tied for second or any kind of tie for third place, then the players will walk away from the playoff without a medal. However, players who finish in the top seven earn what's dubbed a diploma for their achievement.

The playoff holes on the Olympic golf course are No. 18, then No. 1, then No. 17 in a loop.

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