'Rolls Royce it': Lee Westwood gives you the new phrase you'll say on the course
U.S. Open

‘Rolls Royce it’: Lee Westwood gives you the new phrase you’ll say on the course

Are you one of those golfers that hates to practice and routinely struggles to make your tee time? Then Lee Westwood has a phrase to describe you and himself.

Westwood, who finished up at 3-under 67 first round in the 2016 U.S. Open on Friday, was asked about the USGA's somewhat peculiar decision to not afford the 78-player Thursday first wave a warm-up period after the second weather delay. He didn't seem to mind because he normally doesn't warm up before he plays.

"It was strange, but I Rolls Royce it a lot of the time now," he said.

Man, that's a great phrase.

"I'll go and play golf when I'm at home on a Saturday morning or a Sunday morning. I don't hit any balls to warm up. So now when we're not hitting balls, I don't stiffen up or anything like that. Being the finely tuned athlete I am, you wouldn't expect that, would you?"

Not only did the phrase draws laughs, but so did the rest of his answer.

And now I can explain why I don't show up to the first tee until about two minutes beforehand. I'm Rolls Royce-ing it.

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