DEBATE: Which of the Big Three will have the best summer of golf?
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DEBATE: Which of the Big Three will have the best summer of golf?

The world's top three players have each won in their last start. Jason Day won by four at The Players, dominating for a wire-to-wire win. Rory McIlroy then won the Irish Open in his second year as host and in his 10th try overall. Then Jordan Spieth won his first PGA Tour title in Texas with a final nine to remember at Colonial.

Naturally, with three majors left to go this summer, there will be a lot of interest in the Big Three. GNN's Ryan Ballengee and Kevin Power debate which of the trio will have the best summer.

Ryan Ballengee: Kevin, it sure seems like we're in store for an incredible summer. Jason Day, Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy -- 1, 2 and 3 in the world -- have all won in their last start. They're all playing together this week at the Memorial Tournament in Ohio, and then we'll see them all together again in two weeks at Oakmont for the U.S. Open. We're about to kick off a great stretch of golf. So, Kevin, who are you highest on through this major championship and Olympic summer?

Kevin Power: It's shaping up to be an exciting summer and a great time to be a golf fan. I can't wait to see how these three play when paired together, seemingly all 100 percent confident in themselves and their games.

Well, I hope Jordan got his back this weekend, but we'll see.

What I think would be best for golf would be to see these three at the top of every board and seeing all three take home a major this year. But I am rooting for Rory. I think he can move the needle universally and in the golf world more than Jason or Jordan. Like you had mentioned in our podcast, Rory is using his celebrity status to bring to light certain causes that he isn't required, which is great. That not the only reason im rooting for roors but what do you think, Ryan?

RB: I'm torn, but I think Day has the most complete game, the most often, of these three. He's incredibly long and accurate off the tee. He makes clutch putts. His short game and wedge play has dramatically improved. He's locked in mentally. I don't know that people will necessarily love him in the way they do Rory and Jordan, but I think he also doesn't really care about that at all, which makes him dangerous. Which major do you think suits Rory best to win?

KP: Right now, Day has the complete game. But given his health history and the condensed nature of this upcoming major season, Im not sure his head or body will hold up. He is so focused and locked in, that at times, he wears himself thin. Looking at his upcoming schedule, Im wondering if RBC, one of his top sponsors and host sponsor of the Canadian open which falls the week in between The Open and PGA Championship, will give him a break. Or if they do offer him the option to take that week off, will he be to proud to accept it, even though it could hurt his brand in the long run.

I thinks Rory’s game is best suited to win the PGA this year at Baltusrol. But then again, if he starts getting hot with the putter, his game is best suited for everywhere.

As a fan, I want to see Rory in contention more than the other two. I feel like we’ve grown up with Rory. Started with so much promise, had his share of turmoils in public with relationships and on the golf course. He wears his heart on his sleeve, and things haven’t been exactly perfect, nor have Jason's and Jordan's lives I know, but I think people relate to Rors better. As a person who wants to grow the game in a positive way, Rory seems to enjoy the game that it is and plays at a speed it should be. If Jason wins again, then I see every hack standing behind the ball, closing his eyes and visualizing the shot. Then proceed to shank another, we’ve all lost.

RB: I think of these players, Spieth moves the needle most. He has effectively replaced Tiger Woods in terms of how his tournament golf is covered. Every shot is aired, even when he's well out of it and to the detriment of other players, including the leader. People root for him, particularly when he's winning. However, as he was struggling at The Players and in spurts at the Nelson, he may have annoyed a few fans. Like Rory, he wears his heart on his sleeve.

And that's why I think Day will have the best summer. He seems the least concerned of the three about his public image and what others think of him. He seems focused on playing golf at the highest level, and he's trying to balance out being a dad with that goal. It seems he's found that balance.

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