WATCH: Sara Rhee's stone cold reaction to sending Washington to NCAA finals

WATCH: Sara Rhee’s stone-cold reaction to sending Washington to NCAA finals

The University of Washington is in the final of the NCAA women's golf championship on Wednesday, thanks in large part to Sara Rhee and her astounding comeback against UCLA's Louise Ridderstrom in the semifinal round at Eugene Country Club in Oregon.

Rhee was 3 Down with three to play in her match, the second on the docket of five pitting the Huskies against the Bruins. She battled back to win the last three holes of regulation, drawing even through 18 holes and forcing the match -- since it was the deciding point -- to extra holes.

Rhee found herself bunkered on the 370-yard par 4 for the 19th hole of the match. Hitting her third shot before her opponent, who was on the fringe beyond the hole location, Rhee hits the bunker shot, which bounces a few times and rolls into the hole to make an astounding birdie.

As her teammates are screaming joyfully, Rhee quietly gets right to the business of raking the bunker.

When Ridderstrom misses the putt to extend the match, it's then that Rhee starts to show even a hint of emotion.