REVIEW: The fully adjustable Happy putter, as used by Stacy Lewis
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REVIEW: The fully adjustable Happy putter, as used by Stacy Lewis

Odds are that you own an adjustable driver. You can change the weighting, including the center of gravity, the loft, offset and lie angle. You probably hit that club anywhere from 10-14 times per round.

Wouldn't it be great to have that kind of control over your putter? Well, now you can with Brainstorm Golf's Happy putter, a prototype model of which Stacy Lewis has switched to with early success on the LPGA.

The Happy putter (MSRP: $280), the company claims, is the first fully adjustable putter on the planet, allowing a player to change weighting, loft, offset and lie angle with a wrench and a series of adjustable parts that come with the putter. More specifically, here are the parts:

Weighting: Each Happy putter comes with three pairs of tungsten weights that can be adjusted on the heel and toe -- standard, light and heavy pairs, which could also conceivably be broken up to set up unbalanced weights;

Loft: There are three inserts which are placed just underneath the face -- standard, high and low lofts -- that allow a player to adjust based on their typical stroke, as well speed and grass type of a putting surface;

Offset: With the simple loosening of a screw in the back of the putter head and moving two weights it keeps in place, a player can move the shaft offset forward or backward to a standard, no-offset look, one with a half-shaft offset and a full shaft offset;

Lie angle: There are three lie-angle regulators -- standard, up and flat -- which give a range for a player to adjust the shaft, ranging from almost completely upright to back-bending flat.

The only thing you can't change is the length of the shaft. All told, there are 486 different combinations of the Happy putter, which comes in a blade and a mallet shape (sold separately).

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The Happy putter also comes with a grip that isn't tapered so it doesn't favor a right- or left-handed putter. That's obviously to accommodate the adjustable nature of the putter, but unless you're ambidextrous and seriously considering using the putter from either side of the ball, you'll want to get a grip that you like on there.

Aesthetically, the Happy putter is very appealing. The CNC-machined aluminum face is a lighter green, while the aluminum blue head is a nice contrast. It's not distracting at all, even if you're used to a traditional metal look. It definitely stands out, but in a good way. It's a lot of fun to take off the head cover and start practicing with it. There are just so many possibilities that, even if you're locked into a series of settings, it's hard not to feel excited to use it -- like you're in on a secret.

The guys who came up with the Happy putter, Vikash Sanyal and Dave Cooper, know what they're doing. They're some of the minds behind the early, rebellious days of Odyssey Golf. They also founded Never Compromise, a short-lived putter company that aimed to maintain the same spirit of those Odyssey days.

Frankly, the initial thought of an adjustable putter is kind of overwhelming, especially compared to a driver. A driver is a big rock on a stick. A putter is a delicate instrument that wins money. However, once you get used to thinking about the variety of adjustments available to you, the Happy putter seems irreplaceable. Even better, the Happy folks have developed an app, available for Apple' iOS and Android phones, that can help you make the right adjustments based on how you're putting.

While, like with an adjustable driver, having a perfect swing is the best adjustment, the Happy putter lets a player make all the changes needed to feel totally comfortable over the ball. Confidence is absolutely essential in golf and it starts with a good swing and a good feeling before you ever take the club back. So, no matter your putting skill, if you're in the market for a premium putter, the Happy putter is absolutely worth a look.

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