VIDEO: How Ridiculous shows how to play golf basketball from long range

VIDEO: Matt Kuchar chipped a golf ball in a basketball hoop, but this is better

A few weeks ago, Matt Kuchar wowed the crowd at a Miami Heat NBA game when he chipped a pair of golf balls into the hoop from mid-court. That's great and everything, but how about trying to drain a full wedge shot down range into a basketball hoop -- the kind of shot that might even impress Steph Curry?

That's what the guys from How Ridiculous did in a new video featuring golf basketball. It took a number of tries, but the fellas eventually made the shot that looks like it was about 75 yards.

These are the same guys that recently made golf bowling a sport. Now, we won't see golf jai alai anytime soon, but these hybrid sports can be a lot of fun.