REVIEW: Sticky Sounds delivers great audio that can be mounted anywhere

REVIEW: Sticky Sounds delivers great audio that can be mounted anywhere

A couple of years ago, I was playing golf in Las Vegas. It was a gorgeous day. The company was great. And the course, as awesome as it was, felt dead. There just wasn't a buzz around the place, and that was by design, because it was a private club.

So, after making the turn, my host that day decided to jazz things up. A little liquor helped but more important was the Bluetooth speaker he got out. He linked it to his iPhone and started playing music. It was awesome. It kept the round, as high stakes as it was, pretty light. The time seemed to breeze by. Bad shots didn't sting as much because the songs brought everyone back to a place better than that last chunked wedge or three-jack.

From then on, I was sold. Music on the golf course is great.

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However, there's a problem. A lot of the good Bluetooth speakers on the market really only make sense to have in the storage box compartments of a golf cart. They don't hang well, or at all, on a golf bag. They can't attach somewhere on the golf cart where everyone in the foursome can hear the music without killing your own eardrums.

Sticky Sounds is out to change that. This waterproof Bluetooth speaker is designed to, as the name implies, stick to any piece of sporting equipment so that you can listen to music while you're engaging in that sport. With the included stick-and-clip system, it's easy to attach Sticky Sounds to a kayak, snowboard or other flat-ish surface and enjoy music. However, what makes it great for golf -- unless you own your golf cart and can stick-and-clip Sticky Sounds to it -- is that Sticky Sounds works with all GoPro mount accessories, as well ones Sticky Sounds sells on their own. That means you can mount the speaker easily to your golf bag (probably on the handle is best) and take sound with you as you walk the course. You can also use the mounts from Sticky Sounds to attach it to a pole on your golf cart.

The sound quality is wonderful, more than good enough for a round of golf. The volume is controlled from your phone but you can change songs from the device, which charges via a mini-USB cable similar to one that charges most mobile phones. The battery lasts through a full round of golf, which, on our Orlando golf trip, was anywhere from four-and-a-half to a little over five hours. We even brought it back to the house we rented and played some more songs near the hot tub. The company says it has an eight-hour play time when fully charged.

Pairing the device is really easy, as it's just a matter of turning it on, finding it in your phone's Bluetooth setting and pairing. That means you can play MP3s stored on your phone, Spotify, TuneIn, Apple Radio, Pandora or any other streaming service. You could also play music from a microSD card you can stick in the device.

The best part is the price. Sticky Sounds costs $49. It's insane value.

So, if you want to bring music out on the course -- or anywhere you're in motion, frankly -- Sticky Sounds is a great choice.

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