VIDEO: A totally clueless driver uses golf cart path as a shortcut
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VIDEO: A totally clueless driver uses golf cart path as a shortcut

People in Florida, man.

There are a lot of golf courses at The Villages in Florida. It's a retirement town that abounds with nine courses amid tons and tons of houses. So, road and cart paths cross over each other pretty often. Apparently, at least one person confused a cart path for a road and, as this video shows, took a cart path as a shortcut in their automobile.

Now, you'd think that the driver of the car might have become concerned when a golf cart passed in front of it. But, golf carts are as popular as cars to get around The Villages.

What about the fact that the road clearly was only wide enough for one car? Ignore that, I guess.

Perhaps the driver realized what was happening, including the trailing cart with a video camera rolling, and just decided to go with the flow.

The best part of the video? The casual turn to the left at the stop sign for carts to cross the street.

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