VIDEO: Dog loses Pie Face game, wins when it eats the pie off its face

VIDEO: Dog loses Pie Face game, wins when it eats the pie off its face

What is a dog playing the Pie Face game doing here? Let us explain.

Semi-retired PGA Tour player and current Golf Channel and SiriusXM broadcaster Chris DiMarco's wife, Lisa, shot a video of the family dog playing the Pie Face game. If you're not familiar with the game, the rules are pretty simple. There's a contraption where you put your face. In front of you is a plastic hand that you fill with whipped cream. It's controlled by a crank with a couple of handles. With each spin of a wheel, the player is required to turn the crank as many times as indicated. If the hand doesn't go off and hit you in the face with a pie, then you're safe and the next player goes. This keeps on going until a player successfully goes 25 unpied cranks (not in a row).

So, the family got the dog in the pie face contraption and then cranked until the whipped cream hit him in the face. Of course, for the dog, it was a treat, and he recoils back quickly to eat the pie like it was a treat placed on his nose.

This is funnier -- and cuter -- than when two-time Masters champion Bubba Watson shared a video of himself taking a pie from the Pie Face game.

Playing the game - Pie Face! #WeDontPlayByTheRules

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See? We brought it back to golf in the end.

Via Lisa DiMarco on Facebook