Donald Trump lies, saying 'no more golf' if Bernie Sanders elected president
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Donald Trump lies, saying ‘no more golf’ if Bernie Sanders elected president

So many political commentators have said, accurately, that Donald Trump has enjoyed the kind of bulletproof success he has precisely because he isn't a career politician. That means the rules of the game don't apply to him.

However, that hasn't stopped the billionaire from conveniently employing all-too-common political tactics -- he hopes, to his success.

During a South Carolina stop on Wednesday, Trump tried to scare up the Hilton Head Island crowd by claiming that second-place Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders wants to raise taxes to 90 percent (presumably the marginal rate) for the wealthiest Americans. Although Sanders has never explicitly mentioned a rate hike that steep, it didn't stop Trump from using it in tandem with one of the island's most enjoyed activities.

“This guy wants to tax you — think of it — this guy wants to raise your taxes to 90 percent,” Trump said. “No, no, think. You’ll have to move out — I love this area by the way, I’ve been here many times. Great golfing area, right? We love it. No more golf — no more golf. You won’t have any golf any more. You won’t have any money left to be golfing.”

Most golfers are Republicans, so it's a talking point that almost surely would play well in front of a country-club crowd. However, no matter where you sit on the political spectrum, this kind of fear-mongering is despicable.

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