Jason Day's wife, Ellie, injured after collision with LeBron James at Cavs-Thunder game
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Jason Day’s wife Ellie collided with LeBron James at Cavs-Thunder game

Ellie Day, wife of reigning PGA champion Jason Day, was taken away on a stretcher from her courtside seat at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland on Thursday night after being involved in a collision with LeBron James during the Cleveland Cavaliers-Oklahoma City Thunder game.

During the fourth quarter, James was going for a ball heading out of bounds, saving it with his arm before jumping toward the Days, who were sitting courtside for the game. James turned his back toward the seats as he was diving out of bounds, colliding directly with Ellie Day. The momentum from James' jump forced Day's chair back and her to the ground, along with the Cavs star.

Day was transported to a local medial center and released in the morning after overnight observation.

James took to Twitter to apologize for the incident.

In November, the Days, who live in Columbus, welcomed their second child, a daughter named Lucy.