VIDEO: A gator tries to stop a golf ball from going into a hazard
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VIDEO: A gator tries to stop a golf ball from going into a hazard


On annual onslaught of animal-related golf videos in the offsesason that isn't for professional golf continues. It's like our version of those asinine and repetitive GIFs you see from your favorite Twitter accounts trying to describe Mondays: predictable and always underwhelming. We kid.

Here'a a video, shot by friend Dan Brown's sister Rebecca, of an alligator that is sunbathing near a hazard at Stonebridge Golf and Country Club in Boca Raton, Fla., when a golf ball heads its way. (It was probably thrown or staged, but go with it.) The gator makes a half-assed attempt to save the ball from crossing the margin of a hazard by chomping at it, probably realizing as it opened its mouth that it wasn't a tasty snake egg, but rather a golf ball.

Either that, or the gator was trying to convince the people that it was friendly and could be trusted, and should approach without any reservation. Then SNAP! Dinner! Not happening, gator. Go find a python to eat, jerk.


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