VIDEO: Klepto fox repeatedly tries to steal golfer's head cover

VIDEO: Klepto fox repeatedly tries to steal golfer’s head cover

We're at the point in the year where we run out of stuff to talk about in an intelligent way. So, we've got a video for you this morning of a kleptomaniac fox that keeps trying to steal a golfer's head cover while he's on the tee.

The fox sidles up to the tee box and snags the head cover at first, drawing the golfer out to chase the fox away without its lifeless prey. Seconds later, the fox comes back for more. All very boring. Then, here's where it gets interesting.

The fox comes back a third time for the head cover, gets it and makes a break for a bunker on an adjacent hole. The golfer makes chase, and the fox abandons the head cover to get away from the guy. But the fox isn't done, turning the tables and chasing the man to track down that head cover. The man eventually slips and falls.

So, we'll call this one a tie.