VIDEO: Bad Russian driver cuts off car, smashes windshield with spare golf club
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VIDEO: Bad Russian driver cuts off car, smashes windshield with spare golf club

We all know Russian drivers are out of their minds. Just spend a half-hour or so watching dashcam video on YouTube, and you'll know what we mean.

So, maybe then it should come as no surprise that a particular Russian driver had a spare golf club in the back of his car as a precautionary measure.

This Russian driver, behind the wheel of a red Volkswagen Beetle, had cut off a couple driving near the Fontanka River in St. Petersburg on Sunday. The male driver that was cut off beeped his horn at the guy. Naturally, the offending Bug driver responded by continuing to cut off the car. Once the driver passes the man in the Volkswagen, he thinks he is done with the guy, but it's only the beginning. The driver of the Volkswagen cuts off the car one last time, parks the vehicle, gets out, jaws at the driver, opens the trunk and pulls out a golf club. Then he promptly smashes the windshield of the cut-off driver's car with it, leading to screams from the female passenger. Then the guy in the bug drives off.

What in the world is going on in Putin's Russia?!

Via nineMSN

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