What in the hell is this flying creature seen at a New Jersey golf course?
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What in the hell is this flying creature seen at a New Jersey golf course?

Wildlife is everywhere on a golf course, some of it rather dangerous. There are those 15-foot gators that sunbathe on the greens, the two-ton bears that turn flagsticks into back scratchers and packs of wolves that roam the fairways.

But we've never seen anything quite like this.

Dave Black was driving home from his job in Atlantic City, N.J., on Oct. 6 when he passed by a golf course on Route 9 in Galloway -- which we presume, based on Google Maps, was the Stockton Seaside Resort, home of the ShopRite LPGA Classic. As he was driving by, he saw something flying out of a tree that he couldn't explain, so he whipped out his phone and took several pictures of it. He sent the best shot to NJ.com's paranormal correspondent Kelly Roncace for review.

I was just driving past the golf course in Galloway on Route 9 and had to shake my head a few times when I thought I saw a llama. If that wasn't enough, then it spread out leathery wings and flew off over the golf course. Either my mind is playing tricks on me or I just saw the Jersey Devil.

What's the Jersey Devil, you ask? It's apparently some kind of flying creature that has been the subject of ghost stories for 200 years in Jersey.

Black sent the photo in trying to get a better explanation for what he saw, though a friend suggested it was an owl latching on to another animal that tried to hop away and let gravity help it escape the talons. Maybe. Roncace couldn't produce one, and we can't blame her. Can you?

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