PHOTO: These Under Armour Jordan Spieth shirts are...something
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PHOTO: These Under Armour Jordan Spieth shirts are…something

Under Armour made a wise investment in Jordan Spieth, signing him to an apparel deal when he turned pro and quickly inking a long-term extension after the 22-year-old won the Masters in April.

Now they're trying to cash in with some Spieth-branded merchandise. And it's just not good. Take a look for yourself.

There are three shirts. Two are basically the same shirt with different color schemes, simply saying "SPIETH" with a star and a couple of stripes underneath. The third shirt has Jordan Spieth's new logo with "SPIETH" underneath in another font. And they all are pictured with cutoff sleeves, so I'm assuming this is something we're expected to wear at the gym.

There's nothing original in that. No one would wear a shirt that says "DAY" or "RICKIE" or "RORY" on it, would they? (Although, as an "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" fan, I would wear a "DAY MAN" shirt.)

How did Under Armour not print a zillion "Spieth for President" or "Spieth 2016" shirts? Or something about being an American Master -- you know, since he won the Masters and U.S. Open in the same year? Or something about being halfway to the Grand Slam? Or feeling 22, ew, ew, ew, ew?

If Under Armour had printed shirts with any kind of context on them, at all, it would have been better. Even smarter would have been to create a TV campaign around your guy, then flooding the factory in Bangladesh with orders to print all kinds of shirts with the ad's tag line.

Kind of like this...

That seemed to go well.