FIRST LOOK: Nike Golf Vapor Fly driver

FIRST LOOK: Nike Golf Vapor Fly driver

Nike Golf is getting ready to bring a new driver to market, and they're -- at least tentatively -- calling it the Vapor Fly.

Three versions of the Vapor Fly driver head hit the USGA's list of conforming clubs this week, with the primary differences appearing to be subtle, if not solely cosmetic. However, USGA photos of the submitted heads do not show the hosel, which is where the USGA indicates there are different markings and graphics.


There's also a Vapor Pro driver.

All four submitted heads sport the company's Compression Channel and Flybeam supports, indicating Nike will continue with offering cavity-back drivers. All of the heads have a crown with a Nike logo over a diamond pattern.

There's not much to work off of here other than what the USGA has supplied, but, safe to say, Nike will be sharing the second iteration of its Vapor driver line sooner than later.