These Pilsner Urquell barrels are the European Tour's best tee markers
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These Pilsner Urquell barrels are the European Tour’s best tee markers

We've seen some great tee markers at pro golf events over the years, ranging from the simplicity of Augusta National (that's been oft-imitated) to the John Deere tractors at the John Deere Classic, to elsewhere. But the tee markers at this week's D+D Real Czech Masters may well be the best we've ever seen.

European Tour player Phillip Archer tweeted a picture of these miniature Pilsner Urquell barrels that define the tee box of this week's event. Sadly, they don't appear to be filled with the delicious Czech pilsner, but they're still up there on the list of great tee markers in the game.

In fact, we have a feeling some of these guys might disappear on Sunday in the hands of some of the players.