Tiger Woods' restaurant The Woods Jupiter: Reviews on Yelp
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Tiger Woods’ restaurant The Woods Jupiter: Reviews on Yelp

Tiger Woods' restaurant, The Woods Jupiter: Sports and Dining Club, opened Aug. 10 for dinner service, and the upscale sports bar is starting to get reviews on Yelp.

So far? The word is good about The Woods Jupiter.

The restaurant officially opened Aug. 10, and the early reviews rave about the look, food and service.

West Palm Beach-based reviewer R.A. loved the place, including the drink garnishes at the bar, saying, "Another nice touch at the bar are glasses filled with fresh fruit for use in cocktails. And if you get a cocktail with juice, the juice is likely homemade (like the watermelon). Since there are so many televisions, you can request that they turn on something specific for you to watch. The wine list is so impressive, there is a wide selection with some hard-to-find bottles that are going to impress oenophiles."

According to one Yelp reviewer, the desserts are outstanding. Christine A. from New Jersey was there on Friends and Family Night and had some tasty treats, saying,"Friendly and efficient service on family and friends night. Dark wood paneled walls and diamond sized high hats created a sexy vibe for this upscale sports bar. Tvs galore and multiple tables with curtains for more private events. Huge wine and scotch selection. Unique art selections patterns throughout. Comfortable temperature and noise level. We just had dessert, which was delicious."


She shared pictures of a Nutella-chocolate s'mores dessert as well a chocolate cake served with bacon.

Diane M. offered the only negative review from opening night, suggesting she and her party were not sat in a reasonable time frame and that the food was kind of dull. Usually when someone has a poor first experience, they tend to torpedo the rest of what happens, so that may be an issue to look out for in future reviews.

So far, it sounds like the adult beverages and the desserts are brilliant, but the main course food is a miss for a few. Overall, The Woods Jupiter is doing well in reviews.

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