How to warm up for a golf round when you're running late
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How to warm up for a golf round when you’re running late

Life has a way of happening when you've got a tee time. Sometimes that means putting off golf, but more often it means showing up to the golf course with minutes to spare, giving you little time to prepare for a round that, if played poorly, will have you going to the hip.

Even with a breakfast ball in hand -- if you're lucky -- you don't want to cold top the first tee shot with a cold swing. That's why you need to know how to warm up your game in two minutes or less.

Here's your plan:

1. Hit 10-12 putts from various distances -- You may not hit the ball well out of the gate, but if you show up to the first green ready to put the ball in the hole, you can fake it 'til you make it. Get on the practice green and hit 2-3 putts from several distances -- 5 feet, 15 feet and 25 feet -- as well uphill and downhill putts. You'll learn the speed of the putts you're most likely to hit, which could potentially save you a few shots on that front nine portion of the Nassau.

2. Take some swings with a weighted training tool -- If you don't have time to hit golf balls and see where your swing is before tee off, then the next best thing you can do is swing like you've already hit a few. Having a weighted training club of some kind -- like an Orange Whip -- will help loosen the muscles in your swing and give you the confidence to take an honest rip on the first tee.

3. Know what you want to do on the first hole -- No matter whether you know the course or not, getting in the frame of mind to play, and quickly, is crucial. If you have a golf GPS with a map feature, pull up No. 1 and figure out the safest route to par. Course management will give you a better chance at scoring without a proper warm-up than simply gripping-and-ripping.

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