VIDEO: Golfers apprehended after killing geese on course with shotguns
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VIDEO: Golfers apprehended after killing geese on course with shotguns

Golfers don't usually carry a shotgun in their bag. Unfortunately for a number of geese at a North Carolina golf course, several players did and used their weapons to hunt.

Several golfers at Pine Knolls Golf Course shot and killed several Canadian geese from point-blank range, walking up on the fairway to the geese, which huddled up on the water as the men approached. Steve Dotson, who lives near the course and was startled by the noise, left his home to shoot footage of the men shooting the geese. He also posted to YouTube footage of the dead geese floating in the lake.

“They were flopping all up there along the trail, the ones that were living were trying to get to their buddies,” Dotson said to WGHP-TV.

The incident caused children to scream and run with fear, according to Dotson.

Dotson called the Forsyth County Sheriff, which prompted deputies to arrive at the course, followed shortly by officers with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission. They identified the shooters. Killing migratory birds, like these geese, can be a federal misdemeanor. However, if the shooters had permits and permission from the course owner to kill the birds on his property, the golfers may be in the clear. The WRC is investigating to see if the men did have permits.

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