VIDEO: Charles Barkley's horrible golf swing is fixed!
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VIDEO: Charles Barkley’s horrible golf swing is fixed!

Charles Barkley's golf swing has been, for years, considered the source of nightmares. His reluctant-to-swing hitch is something that makes golfers close their eyes in fear that seeing Barkley swing might be the golf equivalent of looking at Medusa.

Well, now you can watch Barkley swing a golf club again. Through some kind of miracle, Barkley has fixed his swing and is showing it off at this weekend's American Century Championship at Lake Tahoe.

The swing changes appears to be working, sort of. Barkley is in second-to-last place in the 91-celebrity player field with -28 points under the modified Stableford scoring system. He's only 54 points behind co-leaders actor Jack Wagner and former Major League Baseball pitcher Mark Mulder.

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