Callaway Golf MD3 milled wedges: Price, release date and more

Callaway Golf MD3 milled wedges: Price, release date and more

There's a movement afoot in wedges, and it's going to mean great things for you and your game. Wedges have typically been designed for most consumers in sets. Your gap, sand and lob wedges have typically been the same club with different lofts and bounces, but that's changing. Wedges are starting to be treated as unique, individual clubs that do very different things than their in-bag brethren.

Callaway Golf is one of the leaders in the space, taking the next step in wedge customization and design with its MD3 line of milled wedges. Available in September, these wedges were designed with versatility in mind -- for each club, the variety of shots you can hit in the scoring zone and the myriad types of golf courses we'll encounter.

The big feature here is the availability of three grinds on each of the eight different loft options:

W-Grind comes with a slightly wider sole, designed for softer conditions or a steep angle of attack. Designed to work with your dig.

S-Grind is designed for the widest swath of player types, particularly those that range in angle of attack from the type that takes a small divot to sweeping through the ball.

C-Grind aims to offer versatility -- less in the way -- and for handling firm conditions, letting a player easily open the face or play with the shaft way forward at address.

Beyond that, Roger Cleveland has come up with what's called Progressive Groove Optimization, which amounts to varying groove types that are optimized for the loft of each wedge. In the pitching and gap wedges, the 30V grooves optimize the idea steep attack to the ball. Sand wedges have 20V grooves for full shots and bunker shots, while the lob wedges have wider 5V grooves to improve control.

These balanced wedges have a high toe profile and a somewhat-straight leading edge, while weight ports in the back of the wedge offered design flexibility and improved control from thick lies.

The Callaway Golf MD3 milled wedges will retail for $130 each and come in 46-, 48-, 50-, 52-, 54-, 56-, 58- and 60- degree options.

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