How do you putt using a sand wedge like Robert Streb?
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How do you putt using a sand wedge like Robert Streb?

Robert Streb used his sand wedge to putt on the back nine in the final round of The Greenbrier Classic, making five birdies with the wedge to finish tied for a share of the clubhouse lead.

Streb needed to go to the bladed wedge when his putter head accidentally broke off the shaft when he tossed it toward his bag after the ninth hole. Under the Rules of Golf, Streb wasn't able to replace his putter mid-round because the damage didn't happen in the normal course of play. That probably leaves the average player wondering why he chose wedge and how best to putt with a bladed wedge.

Streb likely chose the bladed wedge for two reasons.

First, its length is closer to that of his putter (usually a smidge over 35 inches) compared to other clubs in the bag that would have considerably less loft.

Second, Streb knew he could make good contact with the ball with a bladed wedge. By opening the wedge face, somewhat like hitting a bunker shot, Streb is able to hover the wedge and aim for the middle of the ball. Hitting the middle, or just above middle, of the ball, gets the ball rolling well without too much topspin. Hit lower and backspin becomes a problem. Hit too high and it's almost impossible to control roll.

Blading a wedge to putt was the best choice for Streb and it would be for you, too, in that situation. However, don't expect to make five birdies in nine holes with it.

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