VIDEO: Methane gas erupts out from under Canadian golf course water hazard
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VIDEO: Methane gas erupts out from under Canadian golf course water hazard

You've heard of water hazards on the golf course, but what about gas hazards?

Around 8 a.m. on June 17, the staff of Indian Hills Golf Club in Lambton Shores, Ontario, Canada, was shocked to find methane gas naturally erupting out of the ground from underneath a water hazard on the 11th hole.

On June 19, the club posted an update to its Facebook page saying, "Here is our understanding at this time. We cannot allow anyone on the golf course until we know that the situation is stable and no gas is leaking from the ground. We have all the required survey's (sic) and tests lined up to take place today, tomorrow and over the weekend and into the start of next week. We hope to reopen by next weekend and should be able to have clear answers to exactly what happened."

The course website tells visitors that the leak has "settled down" but that the course remains closed until they can ensure player safety.


CTV reports the mayor of Lambton Shores has declared a localized state of emergency as officials try to figure out what's causing the leak and how to contain it.

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