VIDEO: This dude is making crazy putts all over his house
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VIDEO: This dude is making crazy putts all over his house

Who hasn't practiced putting in their house? You know, with that thing you plug in the wall that shoots the ball back to you after you've made it? It's fun, but it's also only fun for about 5 minutes.

This dude decided to take indoor putting to a whole new level.

It's almost hard to get more specific about a video that just has to be seen to understand, but here's the gist: This guy basically strokes a ton of crazy putts throughout his house. Some of the putts are along his hardwood floors, while others are down stairs and on carpet. The guy even hits a putt off his napping dog. All of them go in the cup, or what appears to be a cardboard toilet paper roll.

There's no way this was a one-take kind of shoot. It might've taken weeks for this to come together. However long it took, it was worth the wait.

If you want more, you can follow this guy, Sammy D, on Snapchat @sammyd1222.

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