PHOTO: Illinois golf course has "Only Bubba" 300-yard sprinkler marker
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PHOTO: Illinois golf course has “Only Bubba” 300-yard sprinkler marker

Some golf courses have a great sense of humor, and an Illinois golf course has demonstrated it by poking the wannabe big hitters who think they can reach when they still have 300 or more yards to the green.

A Reddit user posted a photo of this great sprinkler head at his course, saying it's the 300-yard marker into a hole. It says "Only Bubba," as in the two-time Masters winner Bubba Watson.

The 300-yard markers at my course. - Imgur

In fairness, there are probably a bunch of guys on the PGA Tour that can get home -- without taking driver off the deck -- from 300 yards.

There were some other good ones mentioned in the thread, including "You're Not Tiger," "Dream On" and "Hahaha."

What are the best sprinkler-head markers you've seen? Share your photos with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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