VIDEO: Driverless golf cart wreaks havoc on Loyola Chicago campus
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VIDEO: Driverless golf cart wreaks havoc on Loyola Chicago campus

The machines are rising up against us.

A driverless golf cart caused some mayhem on the campus of Loyola University in Chicago on Thursday, and, fortunately, a student was there to record it all. The cart was stuck in reverse, going in circles in front of an entrance to a parking garage.

Junior Joseph Bailey Jr. shot the whole thing, including the hilarious reaction from campus police, which included bashing out the maintenance vehicle's window.

"I was like, 'What the heck!' and I look over and I see this golf cart doing donuts at full throttle with no one in it," he said to DNAInfo.

At one point, it seems like the cart, which belongs to campus food-service provider Aramark, was running out of gas. Then it started back up again. Eventually, one of two officers pushed on the side of the cart enough to stop, allowing the other officer to jump in the cart and turn it off.

The big question: Who got it stuck like this and why did they abandon ship, er, cart?


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