VIDEO: Tiger Woods calls himself 'dumbass' after bad tee shot

VIDEO: Tiger Woods calls himself ‘dumbass’ after bad tee shot

Tiger Woods didn't play well and didn't play poorly in his first Masters round since 2013 on Thursday. He shot 1-over 73 in a round that included some great short-game wizardry as well as some terrible driving.

Two bad drives stand out. The first was the tee shot on the par-4 ninth that landed in the first fairway, leading to a bogey.

The other was Woods' tee shot at the par-5 15th, a must-birdie hole for someone looking to finish at par or better after grinding for much of the day. Instead, Woods hit a bad tee shot and had to call himself out for it.

"Oh, Tiger," Woods said. "You dumbass."

Maybe so, but Woods is not out of the tournament after Day 1, as so many worried.

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