VIDEO: This is golf's version of the trust fall
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VIDEO: This is golf’s version of the trust fall

Pulling off a flop shot is not easy.

More often than not, the average hacker doesn't swing through the ball with enough speed, leading to a shot that only goes up about half as far as intended and about one-third as far as hoped.

Then there are the times when the player doesn't slide the wedge underneath the ball well enough, catching too much ball and sending everyone ducking for cover.

Trust shot with the boys @ryanparrado @kickerparrado #golf

A video posted by @billykingkrause on

So, it takes a trusting soul -- or a sucker -- to agree to stand just feet away from a golfer as they try to flop a ball over them. But that's what happened when Billy Krause filmed this shot.

Krause hits the ball just hard enough to clear the head of Ryan Parrado, who was smart enough to turn away (my beautiful face!) and shield the back of his skull. For what it's worth, I would trust Krause, who is my cousin-in-law, to pull off that shot with me being the Ryan in danger.

We'll leave it up to you if it took more trust for Ryan to stand in front of Billy or for Roger Cleveland to stand even closer to Phil Mickelson while he hit a flop off a tight lie.

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