Virginia Tech women's golf coach makes 2 holes-in-one in 3 holes
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Virginia Tech women’s golf coach makes 2 holes-in-one in 3 holes

Virginia Tech women's golf coach Carol Robertston had the best five-hole stretch of her life on Monday at Celebration Golf Club in Orlando.

Really, it started on the third hole, when she made an ace at the par 3 for her sixth lifetime hole-in-one. Two holes later, Robertson was on the tee at the 162-yard fifth hole, armed with a 5-iron.

“I play par threes pretty fast,” Robertson said to her playing partners as she approached the ball, according to the Washington Post. “I’ll just go ahead and make a one on this one, too.”

And she did. The ball landed left of the hole, bounced right, rolled 10 feet and disappeared in the hole for her second ace in three holes.

“We couldn’t believe it," Robertson said, "I fell over. I was sitting there thinking, ‘Is this really happening?’”

The odds of a professional making two aces in a round is about 67 million to 1. U.S. Hole In One insurance estimates the odds of making consecutive holes-in-one at nearly 156,250,000 to 1. In other words, Robertson got a winning Powerball ticket on the golf course.