VIDEO: Bob Barker, Adam Sandler reprise 'Happy Gilmore' slugfest
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VIDEO: Bob Barker, Adam Sandler reprise ‘Happy Gilmore’ slugfest

The defining moment of "Happy Gilmore" was when Bob Barker knocked out Adam Sandler's pro golf underdog while playing together in a pro-am event.

And, of course, the punchline of the entire scene is Barker saying, "The price is wrong...bitch."

Well, Sandler's Gilmore and Barker met up again -- this time in a hospital room -- for Comedy Central's "Night of Too Many Stars" fundraiser program for autism research. And, as you might guess, it didn't pan out too well. The two men use pretty much everything at their disposal to try to dispose of the other, including bedpans.

Though Barker is no longer host of CBS' "The Price is Right," he's still got it.