VIDEO: Man kills deer with golf shot after bad tee a video game
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VIDEO: Man kills deer with golf shot after bad tee shot…in a video game


It's probably for the better that deer run away from us on the golf course, especially if one ever ran into this guy.

A gamer was playing "The Golf Club" video game, and he hit a not-so-great -- though not Ian Poulter bad -- drive to the left of the fairway. The ball landed near a multi-point buck. Instead of hitting his next shot toward the hole, the gamer pointed his player and ball toward the buck and took a mighty swing. He killed the deer. Killed him.

The ball apparently went through the deer and into the fairway. Then, with the carcass off the fairway, the player hit his third shot. That's just wrong.


I've never seen a golfer take fire at a deer in real life, though I did play against a kid in high school who duck hooked a tee shot into a herd of geese.


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