VIDEO: Watch a 'kangaroo' kick a golfer into a water hazard
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VIDEO: Watch a ‘kangaroo’ kick a golfer into a water hazard

Who doesn't love a good prank? If you've raised your hand, you should probably leave now.

The man behind the hilarious "Devil and Angel on the Golf Course" prank apparently has used golf in his pranks in the past, and this one's just as funny.

In a 2008 video, French prankster Remi Gaillard dressed up a man in a kangaroo costume and filmed him hopping around in all kinds of prototypical kangaroo places and scenarios. One of those scenarios is on the golf course, where the 'roo hops up to an unsuspecting (probably planted) golfer trying to fish his ball out of a water hazard and dropkicks him square into the drink.


But, you know what? It's Friday, so laugh away -- real or not.

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