VIDEO: Guy skies ball over backyard golf net into neighbor's yard
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VIDEO: Guy skies ball over backyard golf net into neighbor’s yard

Golf nets are great for working on your game -- indoors or outside -- when you can't get to the course, the weather's lousy or you just want to fix that shanky swing in private.

However, there's a certain expectation of the user: You've got to be able to hit the ball into the net or it won't do much good.

That's what this guy apparently learned when, while trying to practice in his backyard, skied his teed-up fairway wood over his net and into greater suburbia. The shocked look on his face afterward, as well the shoddy make of the mat he hit off of, tells you he didn't think this was possible.

Well, at least this didn't happen inside a garage and bust up your garage door opener.

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