VIDEO: 2nd Swing Golf ad is a take on William Tell apple trick
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VIDEO: 2nd Swing Golf ad is a take on William Tell apple trick


This commercial, put together by golf retailer 2nd Swing Golf in 2012, give whole new meaning to the term "TrackMan."

The spot features a golfer getting fit for equipment with a man standing just yards away wearing an apple on his head, a play on the William Tell crossbow shot. The idea is that the golfer is so well fit that he can hit the apple instead of the guy.

Of course, a lot of people rightly think the spot was faked. You can decide for yourself. But if we may enter a piece of evidence, take a look at this South African presenter who happily hired someone to take a golf ball to the groin at a similar distance. That didn't take many tries, so maybe this did happen.


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