VIDEO: This guy faceplants in a bunker after trying a hero shot
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VIDEO: This guy faceplants in a bunker after trying a hero shot

Every now and then, we all come upon a weird lie on the golf course. Those lies spark our Hero Complex, where we convince ourselves that, yes, we can can pull off this impossible shot.

However, for every Bill Haas baseball-swing save or Bill Haas hazard bunker shot -- there's a lot of Bill Haas in my memory banks because he's bald like me -- there's what this guy did.

Apparently this guy was playing some links golf and left himself with a lie where he needed to swing from his knees, which were restingĀ on the in-feeding ground. HeĀ hits the ball, which is nice, but as the ball rolls back into the bunker, he faceplants in the sand. The good news was his next shot was upright.

Via Ashley Mayo on Twitter via Instagram

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