2015 AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am celebrities ranked
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2015 AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am celebrities ranked

The AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am is one of the better tournaments to see in person (although it's awful on TV) because of the celebrities and business elites in the pro-am portion. Of course, some folks are just a wealthier-than-usual person and have no celebrity value -- and no one's there to see them.

That said, we've ranked the celebrities in the field by entertainment value.

1. Bill Murray (Actor) -- Obvious No. 1. He won finally with D.A. Points in 2012. In this tournament, he gave birth to the wonderful "f*** it" golf-club-throw meme.

2. Wayne Gretzky (Hockey Player) -- I cannot wait to see the Great (Grandpa) One team with his future son-in-law. Gretzky seems to have played a big role in helping Johnson through his "personal challenges" over the last six months.

3. Huey Lewis (Musician) -- While I would prefer to listen to "Sports" on a loop than watch him play golf, Huey Lewis seems fun to be around so I'm in.

4. Craig T. Nelson (Actor/Director/Producer) -- Coach! CTN just died on the finale of "Parenthood" -- and I cried -- so I'm wondering how he's holding up in real life.

5. Michael Bolton (Singer) -- Bolton's a very self-aware guy and not afraid to poke fun at his 90s hokiness.

6. Kenny G (Musician) -- His 15th club is his jazz sax, and you need that sometimes in golf.

7. Matt Cain (Pitcher, San Francisco Giants) -- Flame-throwing pitchers are so much fun to watch hit a golf ball. They often don't know if they can keep it on the planet, but, if they do, it goes a long, long way.

8. Buster Posey (Catcher, San Francisco Giants) -- Cain's battery-mate is guaranteed not to break his leg playing golf, so it should be a pleasant experience.

9. Ray Romano (Actor/Comedian) -- He's a little too subtle in his humor to be a great physical comedy watch on the course. However, if you're in his gallery, you'll probably laugh uncomfortably.

10/11. Bobby Farrelly (Producer) & Peter Farrelly (Writer/Director) -- Funny guys who love to golf and put golf in their movies. That works for me.

12. Kelly Slater (Professional Surfer) -- Not watching Kelly Slater for the golf so much as hoping there's rough surf and he rides some waves.

13. Herm Edwards (ESPN NFL Analyst) -- You play to win...yeah, yeah, yeah. But Herm Edwards is such a great motivator that I'd love to hear him talk to himself while in a slump.

14. Jake Owen (Musician) -- This country singer is a stick. And I think he asked Peter Kostis for help, so I'm wondering how that turned out.

15. Alex Smith (Quarterback, Kansas City Chiefs) -- I just want him to slip up once and say the Niners were dumb to stick with Kap.

16. Harris Barton (Former 49er) -- Sneaky good guy to play with for three days. Sure, great pro career, but he's an angel investor now.

17, Josh Duhamel (Actor) -- Duhamel's new show, "Battle Creek," is about to premiere but I'm curious about his time as a voice on "Jake and the Never Land Pirates."

18, Colt Ford (Country Singer) -- I really like his "Drivin' Around Song" and he has a killer golf tournament each year. Cool dude.

19. Clay Walker (Musician) -- Not my brand of country but raises a lot of money for MS research.

20. Eric Close (Actor) -- This guy's on a show called "Nashville," which my wife likes. So he's here for her.

21. Charles Kelley (Musician) -- He's the tall dude in Lady Antebellum, which I usually don't like, but sometimes do like. So he's just past "meh."

22. Lucas Black (Actor) -- He was in a movie about golf, among other things. I was just bummed he isn't Lewis Black. Lewis Black and golf would be outrageous fun.

23/24. Don Cheadle (Actor) and Andy Garcia (Actor) -- Look, fellas: We're over the Ocean's films. You seem cool and all, but scram.

25. Tom Dreesen (Comedian) -- Dreesen enjoyed his peak in the 70s and 80s, so he probably has some awesome stories to tell.

26. Chris O’Donnell (Actor) -- "NCIS: Los Angeles" is a perfectly cromulent TV show.

27. Joe Don Rooney (Musician, Rascal Flatts) -- Rascal Flatts are not country music. Pass.

28. Gary Mule Deer (Comedian/Musician) -- Despite my increasing appreciation for all things country, no.

29. Chris Berman (ESPN Sportscaster) -- I played in front of Berman a few years ago on U.S. Open Media Day. I could hear him from 300 yards away in a normal voice. But he seemed an OK guy based on what he said.

30. Larry the Cable Guy (Comedian/Actor) -- I made a mistake and bought this guy's album when I was in college. Then I got suckered into seeing him live at the Delaware State Fair. I felt very out of place.