VIDEO: Man dressed as Satan steals golf ball, sends in away in balloon
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VIDEO: Man dressed as Satan steals golf ball, sends in away in balloon

Have you ever felt like the bounces in a round of golf have been so good that someone in Heaven had to be helping you? Or so bad that Satan and his dastardly minions were working against you?

Well, that's hogwash, but this video from YouTube superstar and prankster Remi Gaillard is brilliant. Two actors take to a golf course -- one dressed as an angel (although he frankly looks like a grosser, cliched version of Cupid) and the other as the Devil.

The angel lurks near the first green on a course as two men hit mediocre approaches to the hole. Right after, the angel runs on the green and drops each ball into the hole. When the golfers approach, they look around for their balls knowing they weren't headed for the cup. As a last gasp, they look in the hole and, sure enough, the balls are there. High fives all around!

The Devil isn't so kind, however. The Beast carrying the mark of 666 gallops onto a green with a helium balloon, steals a player's ball, drops the ball into a cup connected to the balloon and sets it free to the sky. Meanwhile, the golfer, proving golfers are in no way athletic, pulls a charley horse and falls to the ground chasing Lucifer.

This was wonderful.

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