John Daly's ex-wife suing his fiancee, claiming marital sabotage
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John Daly’s ex-wife suing his fiancee, claiming marital sabotage

John Daly's second wife, Sherrie Miller, is suing the two-time major winner's new fiancee, Anna Cladakis, for the demise of their marriage.

Miller filed suit in Mississippi, claiming Cladakis, who met Daly in 2008 through his sponsorship with Hooters restaurants, began a sexual relationship with the golfer while Miller and Daly were separated. OK, so? In Mississippi, such lawsuits, known as "alienation of affection" lawsuits, are permissible. The onus is on Miller to prove if Daly and Cladakis conducted a sexual relationship in the state of Mississippi while Daly was still married to Miller.

Cladakis said the lawsuit is irrelevant since neither she nor Daly live in Mississippi.

Daly proposed to Cladakis in December 2014. Miller and Daly have a son, John Patrick Daly II, together.