Brian Williams recalls great moments in golf history
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Brian Williams recalls great moments in golf history

"NBC Nightly News" anchor Brian Williams is in some hot water for "misremembering" his place and involvement in a 2003 story involving U.S. military when he was covering the war in Iraq. In an effort to prove Williams is an honest man who made an honest mistake, we wanted to give him a chance to share his favorite memories of recent golf lore.


BW: I remember it like it was yesterday. As I stood over that monster putt, I remember Ben (Crenshaw) saying he had a "good feeling about this." And, in that moment, I did, too. Still, I was shocked as everyone else that it went in the hole.


BW: After Tiger hit that tee shot on 16, I knew I had to calm him down and figure out a way to make par. He told me he was thinking birdie. I thought that was hogwash. How wrong I was.


BW: I was so disappointed in Tiger, but I had spent so much of my life working with him that I had to be there to support him when he apologized to the world. Fortunately, no one saw me because I wore a suit to blend in with that hideous background cloth.


BW: When Bill (Haas) found me in that hazard, I thought I was dead in the water. Then I was shocked he wasn't going to just pick me up and drop me somewhere better. Then he told me his plan. As he was taking the club back to hit the bunker-style shot, he whispered to me, "You'll be safe soon." Boy, was he right.

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