VIDEO: Police arrested man for swinging, holding golf club on street

VIDEO: Police arrested man for swinging, holding golf club on street

When a golfer sees a golf club, they don't think of it as a weapon. Police, however, sometimes do, and that can create problems for people with clubs on their person in public. Such was the case for a Seattle man in July 2014.

A Seattle police officer observed a 69-year-old man swinging a golf club toward her and striking a stop sign with the club. She then tracked the man down and demanded he give up his club. He refused repeatedly, saying he had been using the club as a cane for over two decades. The officer called for backup, leading to the man's arrest on charges of obstruction and harassment.

Although the man had accepted a plea deal on the charges, the arrest drew criticism from Washington State representative Dawn Mason. After the police department and City Attorney's office looked into the issue, they ordered the charges dropped and the officer to go through sensitivity training. Deputy Chief Carmen Best met with the man, returned his club and apologized.

Via SPD Blotter via YouTube

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