VIDEO: Two-man trick shot attempt ends with golf ball in the groin
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VIDEO: Two-man trick shot attempt ends with golf ball in the groin

There's a reason they're called trick shots. They're tricky. These two guys -- one in particular -- learned that the hard way.

A pair of golfers were trying to enter the increasingly crowded fray of golf trick-shot artists, hoping to wow with a tandem bunker trick shot that, if successful, would impress a lot of people given how intimidating the sand is for most golfers. The problem, as you'll see in the footage, is that the bunker guy caught his bunker shot thin, sending the ball out hot and right toward his partner's groin.

Cue the doubled-over man in groin pain.

So, the takeaways from this:

  • Trick shots aren't easy, so practice them before trying to film them
  • Wear a cup when you film a golf trick shot

Got it?

Via Golf Channel

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