Thief caught after stealing 42,000 range balls

Thief caught after stealing 42,000 range balls

What exactly does someone do with 42,000 range balls -- that is, other than run a driving range? Well, apparently, get arrested.

St. Louis-area police recently arrested Nathan Brown after an investigation identified him as a thief of thousands of golf balls from Golfport Driving Range during three middle-of-the-night raids in the last 14 months. After his capture, the 27-year-old admitted to taking the balls in separate instances in November 2013, as well August and October 2014, according to Fox 2.

As it turns out, a decision by Carol Boggs, owner of the range, likely led police to Brown. Boggs pays extra money each year to have a year-specific logo printed on the range balls she orders. That way, Boggs knows when to take a golf ball out of the daily churn.

The timing of the capture couldn't have come at a better time for Boggs, who was running so low on balls that the range was in danger of closing. However, when police captured Brown, they only recovered 2,000 golf balls, meaning the range is still down 40,000.